One more.

I’ll be getting another tattoo next month as a birthday gift for myself. Though I know my mom and friends would say " don’t do it , I think you had enough. I don’t wanna see you ended up regretting it when you get older " yeah I know how you care for me, but I just feel the need of getting another one.That would be all for now, hope you guys enjoying the rest of your day, don’t frown just let it be. Don’t complicate things OUT, just discover more and just do what you want. :P

I like trees!!!  so this is what I want. :D


I want everything of you, the whole you and nothing but the you. I want all of your parts. I want to hold them in my arms the way I hold your body and know that you’re really, really here.
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Who’s the man!!!

They say I few drinks would help me to forget you.

If its meant to be it will be.

I didn’t like my name until you said it.
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Never miss an opportunity to tell someone how much they mean to you.
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Science and Faith.

Second tattoo.

Opo. eto po yung itsura ng pangalawa kong tattoo. Patay ako nito kela mama at papa di pa nila alam na may tattoo ako. Praying :(

everything changes. its inevitable.

Diko alam kung matutuwa ba ako sa boxer gift na to or hindi.


Got my very first tattoo. ” Superhuman “.

Would you believe?

I still haven’t got the chance to watch this effin movie. Though I already know the ending. Spoilers everywhere. Hahaha anyways. That’s all for this very day. Gotcha.